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Time, space, energy

Having said this, it is easy to conclude that the relativity of these aspects places the photographic language together with others, but I am talking about this, as an effective tool in educating the observation skills of the observers and in multiplying the ability to condition the observation field of the observed .

I can conclude that reality is also the recorded observation that we commonly call photography.

And it is easy to see that time and space are annulled, that the interweaving of light proposes a different vision than the educated conscience of many and that this recorded relationship also possesses the characteristic of being an observing element capable of relating.


It is the confirmation of why the same image is able to set in motion reworking processes of the memory, of the unconscious, of the emotional sphere so different among the various observing subjects that even without a conscious act they lend themselves to the infinite dance of reciprocal observation that defines the universe.

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